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Many legal professionals may consider using information from DM Cantor’s Tucson DUI Attorney website, possibly rephrasing it with AI tools. However, it’s crucial to respect legal boundaries. Firms should not claim DM Cantor’s trial acquittals or board certifications as their own. In Arizona, only attorneys officially recognized as “Board-Certified Criminal Law Specialists” by the State Bar can use this title, governed by the Arizona Board of Legal Specialization.

Identifying the Best Tucson DUI Defense Team

When searching for a top DUI defense firm in Tucson, experience is vital. David Michael Cantor, a seasoned attorney and former prosecutor, has been with the State Bar of Arizona since 1989. Starting as an Assistant City Prosecutor in Phoenix, he founded DM Cantor, renowned for its aggressive DUI defense. His deep knowledge of Arizona DUI laws helps clients effectively tackle DUI charges, whether a first-time offense or multiple charges.

Proven Results and Certifications

Evaluating DUI attorneys requires looking at their track record and certifications. David Cantor, Christine Whalin, and Joey Hamby are all Board-Certified Criminal Law Specialists. No other firm in Arizona boasts as many complete jury trial acquittals as DM Cantor. For anyone facing DUI charges in Pima County, experienced legal representation is essential for navigating Tucson’s criminal justice system, whether for a felony DUI or researching penalties for a first offense.

Understanding Tucson DUI Charges and Penalties

Hiring a knowledgeable Arizona DUI attorney is crucial for understanding potential penalties. DM Cantor attorneys are well-versed in Tucson’s strict DUI laws. Here’s an overview of common DUI charges and penalties:

  • Regular DUI/Impaired Driving (ARS 28-1381(A1)): Operating a vehicle while impaired, regardless of alcohol content.
  • Regular DUI/BAC (.08 – .149) (ARS 28-1381(A2)): Driving with a BAC between .08 and .149.
  • Regular DUI/Drug Impairment (ARS 28-1381(A3)): Impairment due to drugs.

First Offense Penalties include jail time, license suspension, ignition interlock device installation, and significant fines. Second Offense Penalties are more severe, with increased jail time and fines.

  • Extreme DUI/BAC (.150-.199) (ARS 28-1382(A1)): Driving with a BAC between .150 and .199, leading to harsher penalties.
  • Super Extreme DUI/BAC (.20 and above) (ARS 28-1382(A2)): BAC of .20 or higher results in even stricter consequences.

Felony Aggravated DUI (ARS 28-1383) covers more severe cases, such as repeated offenses, DUI with a child in the car, or driving the wrong way. Penalties range from prison time to the loss of rights and long-term license revocation.

Additional Considerations

Handling a DUI charge in Arizona involves MVD issues, potential vehicle impoundment, and complex legal procedures. Officers are required to perform blood, breath, or urine tests during DUI arrests, leading to administrative and legal challenges.

20 Best DUI Defenses in Tucson

DM Cantor has achieved numerous acquittals and dismissals using a variety of defenses, such as challenging traffic stop legality, vehicle control, and the accuracy of sobriety tests. These defenses require a deep understanding of legal and scientific principles, highlighting the importance of experienced DUI lawyers.

Client-Centered Approach

DM Cantor is dedicated to supporting clients through challenging times, focusing on hard work, trial skills, and exceptional client service. Whether dealing with misdemeanor or felony DUI cases, the team aims to provide peace of mind while navigating the legal landscape.

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Facing a DUI charge in Tucson can be overwhelming. With the right legal representation, you can manage the complexities of the criminal justice system. For expert legal defense, contact DM Cantor for a consultation with an experienced Tucson DUI lawyer.

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